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Gas, Electric, or Charcoal: Which One is Right for You?

Basing your decision of which grill to buy on the recommendation of someone else is never a good idea. Everyone has different needs, so a grill that is absolutely perfect for one person might ultimately be a nightmare for you. If you plan on doing any type of cooking outside then you need to put a little thought into what type of grill you are going to buy.


charcoal grill


Charcoal Grills

Although cooking with charcoal is more expensive and time-consuming than other options, the flavor makes the expense and cost all worthwhile. Charcoal gives food a unique smoky flavor. It tends to be the fuel source of choice for those who eat a lot of meat. Since charcoal creates such a hot flame it makes it easy to sear.

Kettle-style grills have long been associated with charcoal, but other styles are available. Kettles retain most of the heat so they are perfect for short-term cooking. Horizontal barrel grills are ideal for smoking meats at very low temperatures for long periods of time. Deer jerky and Texas-style brisket would be a couple of good examples.


gas grill


Gas Grills

Gas grills tend to win the popularity contest because of their versatility. Most grills are designed to burn propane, which is fairly inexpensive. You can have a propane tank filled so it is ready for you when you need it. Speaking of propane, the flame is hot and ready to use, so you will not have to wait for it to get warmed up like you would with charcoal. If you prefer, natural gas options are available, but require a gas line to be added by the gas company.

Gas grills are recommended for impatient chefs. Black gas grills are most commonly found. They are generally made of aluminum and have two burners. If you are willing to spend a little more money stainless steel becomes the material of choice and three to five burners are usually present with these grills. The grilling surface is typically made of stainless bars, iron grates, bent stainless steel sheets, or porcelain covered steel bar.


 electric grill


Electric Grills

Many people live in an area where smoke is prohibited, even if it is from a harmless little barbecue. If this sounds like you then you can take comfort in knowing that electric fireplaces are available. They are easy to use and simple to keep clean. Electric grills produce results that are somewhat similar to charcoal and gas only without a flame.

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