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How to Use a Meat Thermometer

How to Use a Meat Thermometer  A tool which you’ll find in every serious grill master’s arsenal of equipment is the simple meat thermometer. It takes the guesswork out of cooking times, eliminating the need to cut into the meat to check if it’s done. Meat should be rested after it leaves the grill, allowing the natural juices to circulate and preserve its flavor and moisture. It would be a tragedy to let those delicious juices escape; to some seasoned chefs, almost sacrilegious! It’s also an important safeguard against bacteria which could exist in undercooked meat. You don’t want to...

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Marinades and Dry Rubs for a Great Grilled Steak

When you open up the grill this spring, chances are you’ll be reaching for steak. It’s a classic BBQ meat for a reason; it has a complex and delicious range of flavors on its own, and can be seasoned to customize and bring out its full palette of flavor notes. Think of a nice cut of steak as a blank canvas, ready for you to paint your masterpiece. When it comes to seasoning a steak, you have a whole world of options. Marinade the meat to infuse it with flavor and help to break down its proteins and make it...

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Tips for a Safe BBQ Season

Tips for a Safe BBQ Season The smell of something sizzling on a hot grill is one of the hallmarks of the beginning of spring. And what a welcome smell it is! As the season of outdoor entertaining heats up, we’re all eager to end our hibernation and enjoy backyard gatherings with friends and family. In your excitement to fire up the grill, keep these safety tips in mind to make sure everyone has a happy and safe BBQ season.Gas SafetyFor gas grills, check frequently for any obstructions to the flow of gas. To prepare for the first BBQ of...

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Tips for Cleaning a Gas Grill

There is a good chance that you are more attached to your gas grill than the oven inside your home. Proper cleaning will go a long way in ensuring that it operates and looks its best for a very long time. Brush debris away from the flame tamers, otherwise known as vaporizer bars and heat tents. Regardless what you call them, they cover the burner inside and need to be cleaned. Clogged burners can result in premature burner failure and uneven cooking time in tube, flat, u-shaped, and cast burners. Use a dry wire brush, making sure to really focus...

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Tips for Shopping for Gas Grills

When it comes to control, convenience, and versatility, gas grills are the only option to many people. These grills are attractive and made to last. They are also effortless to clean, so you won't be scrubbing away while guests mingle after the meal. There are even temperature control knobs to regulate heat for an even cooking surface. Propane vs. Natural Contrary to popular belief all gas grills don't burn the same fuel source. If you are set on gas as your fuel source, you have to make the hard decision to choose from propane and natural gas. Propane - These...

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